Tuesday, April 2, 2019

poets rally week 90, poetry form week 14, humor week 18

Thursday Thursday Poets Rally week 90 ....International nutrition month in april, 7th year, (2019 <------2013): from Carrots / Grapes to Long Beans / Milk  


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Funny Bunny Fridays Week 18, Poetry Form Week 14 (Haiku forms)  

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I envy the tomcat:
How easily he lets go of
Love’s pain and longing

The child cries at her breast.
And the mosquito also bites
The sleeping mother
none sense of humor
 yet he skip grades of lessons
picking a Stefan Bergman award


grapevine and cucumber buds
a mute crow wipes hard at new york city
chen jinrun daydreams of a free SAlem prize

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Image result for salem prize in mathematics          Fields Medal  (Nobel prize)

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