Monday, January 18, 2016

a multiple view on images and words

Wordle 234 

pikes peak highway,
colorado mountain drive expreience

alon fuel stop
frozen ice melts under sparking spirits

Xiaoyu Zhong, Felicia Low, Martin O'Malley,
musical, artistic, and political shows

Charleston, South Carolina 4th debate for democrates,
Bill William Clinton speaks for his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton

Womei, Bayi, Haiyan, Changchun, Shanghai, Beijing, or Yangzi films,
words of joyful wishes echo around Willard hall

Patricia Young, Cynthia Brown,
beautiful people come and wear some Jenna Hager gown

 a piano player falls shy,
her eyes blinks and her smiles freezes

Jeongwon Ham and Meredith Blecha can do well,
So do Brooke Wilson, Ben Loper, Susan Greenwood, Nathan Wood

a poet starts a theory with a Paris bow,
her  mind is filled with half and whole singing note

the listeners pause, think, and photograph,
say hellos to Jade Rozell, Emily Baranski, Summer endsley, Ben Laitner

alice walker writes about charles tomlinson,
mary fallin smiles at Farideh Samadzadeh, Nicole Murphy, Abbey Wood, and Senta Wang

time to let Tom Lee know that David Payne does well,
and a praise drops for Chuck Eick, Edward Lee, Jim Halligan, and Christopher Clark

no bustling claims engage,
roaring geese scares pilot Larry Page

Image result for beach walk shadow

Image result for beach walk shadow

we love a beach walk together... 

Image result for drive in colorado mountain

My Memory Art Black & White Wednesday ~ Frozen

Drive [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up] 

Image result for alon fuel

A is for  Alon fuel stop

Friday, January 15, 2016

short story slam week 36, dreams, and abc wednesday, Arts and Science

short story slam week 36, Dec. 31, 2015 --Jan 17, 2016

Arts and Science ignites force,
including thomas edison and the invention of internet or electricity

Arts + Math  = Amazing,
that's what Bret Danilowicz says

Arts + Blog posts = Artistic Verses, stories, or information
that's what google, yahoo, wordpress, and firefox generate

Dorothy Pugh writes about Okstate arts and science projects,
featuring lots of professionals, such as Aihua Xie, Gina Noble, Paul Fleming, 

and Phil Shockley, Gary Lawson, Brian Petrotta, Jamie Hadwin, know it,
so does Karolyn Bolay, Lauren Kidd, Tom Wikie, Dale Lightfoot, Marianna Patrauchan, 

AP chemistry is a dangerous subject,
Yet, John Gelder, Macey Colbert, Eric Chan-Tin, Henry Segerman, and Mike Dale, Brenda Neal

a good deed a day,
a sweet dish for Lindsay....

Happy new year to lots of folks,
including John Chambers, Chuck Robbins, Luncinda Page, and Gloria Ann Page

A is for Arbys, Arts, and Science