Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yosa Buson Haiku

let a Dutchman free,
as free as floating air,
the oxygen of planet earth.
borrow a book of knowledge,
as wise as Confucius,
for a compass in the night sky.
speak to me with embrace,
the gentle breeze of spring
for a pause in our bloodstream.
post some poets in my page,
including Yasuda, Kuhi, Haiga, Haibun,
Shiki, Koyoto, Tokyo, the humor roll of poetry.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tian Mimi, Sweet Honey Foodstore at The Peak Tram Hong Kong

three goats,
Wednesday oats,
March coats,
Quinnlan Kowloons.
Brown bears,
Pink Jackets,
White Walls,
Red Socks.
O'Hare at Chicago,
SFO at San Francisco,
LAX at Los Angeles,
FAnn at Frankford.
Sam I Am,
Dr. Seuss and Dr. Grapes fancy about Ram,
Here you come,
Ms. Tian Mimi and Ms. Hu Yongqin sample sweet honey bee Braum.