Monday, February 23, 2015

the magician's act on a tall hat

when he hides a bunch of roses
under a tall hat,
he takes out a white rabbit.
if he tosses your dreams in that hat,
he will take out the wings of Eagle birds.
If he tosses your mother's hair in,
he will take out the axle of the green earth.
the tall hat does wonder for all.
if he tosses a dime into the tall hat,
he will take out a singing warble.
if he tosses in your father's wisdom,
he will pull out the bridge to paradise.
if you let him toss in yourself,
there will be two of you out.
the magician does magic for all.

lots of delicious food, people, and poetry to enjoy this year!

for poetry rally week 81 perfect poet award, i wish to pass the honor
to  annell  and   urban poems    

happy new year!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Green extended

this world prefers black and white,
the brown, purple, yellow, green does cartwheels,
attempting the big Apple for a bite,
I always jigsaw my way in between,
I will be never enough to overturn.
among colors,
I adore green,
because green is liveliness,
Green is oxygen.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

lisa clancy the geese girl

when i think about literacy,
I recall lots of publishing agency,
one of them is lisa clancy,
who happens to be a geese girl to Lacy.
Lisa's childhood dreams are big and fat,
Lisa's favorite pet is a grey cat,
Lisa's hometown is New York city,
and Lisa's poetry theme always focus on Bald Morrison.
Lisa knows Kay Baker,
Lisa brfriends with Angela Clancy,
Lisa web-masters Twitter,
Lisa creates Facebook legacy.