Tuesday, January 8, 2019

poetry picnic week 48 .....new year special (happy 2019): January, Spring, Wishes, and Refreshed Faith

poetry picnic week 48, new year special (happy 2019): January, Spring, Wishes, and Refreshed Faith


jingle poetry is a good community that allows poets write free verse, or poems that have specific themes

spring is here
I turn the pages
making a new calendar and writing a new post
the snow could hit all of a sudden
ice and water could spill my driving plan
yet, i have chosen to sit, mostly
reading Michael Dell, Robert Frost, Tim Hamilton,
once a few good poets discovered
I listened to operas,
echoed some songs from Susan Wojcincki's youtube
mark surman and jim jennings hear me
so do amelia sanders and lucinda southworth

time is tight
the choice is tough
i hear Hong kong relative Tom Cruise
i hear Iraq and Parkistan relative William Joyce
I hear Barron Trump and Gloria Vandebilt
I place a bookmark inside a book by Lu Xun and
another by Zhimo Xu, I prayed for E. S. Elloit and Feng QunE
michelle and meredith have faith
they won't say harmful words to ina davis
I learn from Cynthias Wolfe and put a code on Randy Thompson

in the end
I have a full bags of goodies for Taryn Price and Jay Slee
what a day to pass without Andy Greenhouse