Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Short Story Slam Week 53, Monday Mellow Yellow

short story slam week 53, how stories and text content impact our mndset and knowledge bases (Sept. 15, 2016---October 2, 2016)
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Shushi House,
Jerry Parson and Ray Smith open business

Climate and Non-Climate Controlled Units,
Joseph and Pamela Poe rule,

Diaz Remodeling LLC
Marcelino Diaz, Skielay Rome, and Demi Kaylea hold the stocks

Great Wall of China, Wicklow And Tag Agency,
Bryson homes circulate Westwood and Oakwood Schools

Custom Flooring Installation
Darrell Romine, Amy Storm, Kat Wu, and Gayla Foster fine turn the piano keys

Sukarochana Tile and Marble Installation, Wall to Wall Carpet,
Lee Shaw and Marvin Harps join Steve Sukarochana for the set

Quality Water Service,
Miso Sakura, Toshi Kuba, Ramjee sharma, Tom Kent, and Bus Ella serve

State Farm insurance,
Larry Gosney, Sharon Robertson, Scott Leming, and Gary Johnson sing music

never mind Paul McCully,  Sammy Jo McNally, and Kayla Lopez's worries,
Emily Cain, Burns Hargis, Alfred Noble, Matthew Parrish, they worship

Gao Qian loves John and Mary from Bibble
Carolyn Green, Neva Lindsey, Chase Washington, Gay Morton, they read news, daily