Sunday, February 21, 2016

short story slam week 39: when Mimi Schapiro goes shopping, what does Morton Schapiro do?

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The Barn Collective

mimi grows up at Ossining Minowe farm, a small city next to Elizabeth,
she is a child of curiosity, often roam the Reseda street, trying hard
to find some coins so that she can buy a candy bar, when she is 8, she is 
able to help her mother Redding Reseda milk the cow, collecting hen's eggs,
and feed the horses from her home ranch

she does not know what she is gong to do when she grows up,
she is sure that her brother Wasilla Rothman, her sister Deborah Campbell
both love her, and attending schools, and hoping for perfect college experiences

when Mimi obtains University of Southern California, she feels like heaven,
and she meets a guy who is a graduate student from John Hopkins, and seems
showing special interests in her, consistently,

Mimi begins to date John Leggio, feeling timid about what she shall wear,
and what words she shall speak, when all of a sudden, John Leggio decides
to quit school for a year so that his mother gets well from sickness, becuace
John Leggio has no father, and her mother falls unemployed when she turns 43

Mimi drives a long way to see John, but John is very busy, often get tired
about his help to a car dealer, by driving costumers back and forth, with
their cars waiting to be fixed, after John develops a strong feeling with another
girl Sally Basso, John becomes very sick too, and he rejects Mimi..

Mimi begins to focus on her classes, she must not quit her school, and she forgives John
and during a Christmas party, a lord called Morton hands her a full plate of food,
smiling, silent, and friendly

Mimi becomes restless, because she feels very different, and she seems stalked by
some sensitive eyes, but he will not harm her, at least when she remains non-offensive

Morton have a big pile of roses delivered to Mimi at her 20th birthday, and they become
very close and very famous, however, this is not what Mimi has expected, because 
Morton thinks that, Mimi must be very clear about him, his ideas, and his goals...

many friends come to their rescue, Ardsley Lancaster and Ephraim Shapiro,
Eileen Bryce and Maxx Marshall, Meira shapiro and Eric Denise, Catalina Marks and
Aliza Weisberg, all of these folks come, always bring in energy and love to one 
of them, telling others to support these two.

when Mimi wed Morton, Thomas Purefoy, Alissa-Marks-Freeman, and Brentwood Baytown,
Myma Welch, Southborough Williston, Hunlock Crock, Wenhui Ou, Wen Ou, these people
set up a meeting, making sure Mimi and Morton remain upbeat,
building more beautiful dreams...

the toy shop Mimi used to visit when she was small remains,
she always smile when she thinks and wonders about Morton's option for toys...cloth, shoes.

 Image result for newark barns
 Image result for newark barns