Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Emily wiley and The Campus Ripley

while Curt Jennifer cooks pancakes,
Sara Julio bakes Lay Chips;
When O'colly honors Nancy Randolph Davis,
Rebecca Indie writes JoAnn Samra Hall of Fame.
I park my car at business product inc.,
I eat my breakfast lunch at Boom-A-Rang,
I fuel at Shell Murphy gas station,
I watch TV at Calvin center-OSU!
While Simba Marissa dreams of princess Lucinda,
Amelia Beredjick dances Michael Jackson space steps,
Frank and Alison read the campus ocu,
Burns Hargis revises his loans of 2015 Tulsa-OSU!
the fears of unknown,
the stage of an opera song,
the phtomac river bridge,
the shenadoah woods birdscage...
everybody swims freely,
none wants to offend Bradd Brown,
each of names shines Ali Wonderly,
few wishes to litter Fijis and Red Cross blood drive efforts.