Sunday, March 8, 2015

Today I....

today i took at look at
places i wish to visit,
all at once
I felt better;
today I emailed a friend about
procedures on how to apply for a visa,
then i feel proud
about the removing the doubts with Martha;
today I pondered about my acts
and stayed clear about strangers by my door,
today I worked hard to wine less,
and meditate more...
After all,
I felt easy
and a little bit less weary.


Angenette Karen Gregory Olivara Beredjick said...

childish alike and fun.

chelsea said...

enjoyed it.

Cindy Gary Murray Tomblin Bullock said...



Christopher Kerry Scott Sophie Johnson said...

a good message to hear today.

Amelia Googles Sharon-Stein Wilson said...

very nice.

Amelia Googles Sharon-Stein Wilson said...

check out an award from poetry rally today, take it to your blog,
nominate one poet you know for week82, and have fun.

keep posting.
lovely blog.

Rachel Gloria Mayer Walsh Schapiro said...